Do you require a CIS Tax Rebate? Need help with your CIS Tax Return?

We can help you get a CIS Instant Tax refund TODAY.
To find out more about our CIS Tax Rebate and CIS Tax Return services, call our friendly team on 0208 203 7715.

We can get you excellent CIS Tax Rebates and pay you on the spot when you come to our office. We do not wait until we receive the money from the Tax Office, but we pay your CIS Tax Refund from our own funds.

We are the UK’s only provider of Instant CIS Tax Rebates.
To find out more about obtaining a CIS Tax Refund, call our friendly team on 0208 203 7715.
Our comprehensive services include:
  • Help with all aspects of CIS Tax Rebate and CIS Tax Return paperwork from a skilled accountant.
  • All banking, CIS Tax Refunds and CIS Tax Rebates taken care of by our team.
  • Friendly and efficient service with CIS Instant Tax and CIS Tax Refunds.

How Do I Get a Paid Cash Tax Refund on the Same Day?

We will go through your CIS Tax Return And calculate your CIS Tax Rebate figures. If you are happy, we will give you a cash cheque with a letter which you will present to the Natwest bank near our office.

Alternatively, we can transfer the CIS Tax Rebate straight into your bank account on the day.

You can also send us your CIS Tax Return paperwork by post and we will pay you within 24 hours, (please refer to our how to claim page).

If you submit your CIS Tax Return by post, we will call you on the same day or the following day with your tax rebate figures, and if you are happy, we will pay you straight away. If you do not wish to accept the rebate, we will return your documents to you at no charge.

Are you looking for a CIS Tax Refund or CIS Instant Tax? Call our dedicated team today on 0208 203 7715.

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